Rob Driessen, for some known as Ruby Blue was born in 1973 in Nijmegen, Holland.

Rob Driessen works in the subliminal space of the photographic. His art explores extreme opposites and strives to merge them into a single, cohesive expression.
His works are beautifully bizarre, often evoking a sense of insecurity and danger in the observer.
It's the ambivalence, mystery and intensity inherent in the works that generates an unsettling energy that he finds beautiful and challenging. He strives to create images that simultaneously represent loneliness, solitude, harmony, dissonance.

Rob Driessen is a modest man. With eclectic sensibilities. He wears jeans. He's an optimist. He believes in modernism. Photography saved his life. He loves books. Paper. All printed matter. He's a perfectionist. Workaholic. Worry wart and fuss budget. He won't stop doing what he's doing until he's satisfied that it couldn't be done any better. He prefers analog. Also loves to shoot digital. Never uses special effects. Adamantly in-camera creations. Knows the darkroom like the back of his hand. His work is different. He creates worlds. He's old school. A minimalist. He's kind. Generous.
A thinking man's man in jeans with an eye that sees the world in a way he can only see.