You can continue reading about my philosophy, strategies and offerings below, yup, my simplified business plan in fact , but honestly, I just enjoy making photographs.
If you want to have me assigned without being bored reading what I have to offer knowing that the best stories come from inside, just drop me a line to get in touch!

My idea:

I believe that all professional photographers should be technically skilled in their profession, however when selecting a photographer to undertake a commission for you I also believe that vision and imagination are key contributing factors to any successful assignment.

I pride myself on being very different to many studio based businesses that often work to very set formats. To me no idea is out of bounds, and (almost) nothing is impossible. The imagery you are looking for is the utmost priority, and I aim to meet these needs with a modern and objective approach.

I work directly with a client to produce the best possible work, and achieve the high quality results demanded today.
I'm also happy to connect with your marketing company and graphic artists to ensure the best possible output to meet your expectations.
Working in high end digital formats or traditional film formats, combined with artificial/natural light, allows a diverse and exciting alternative to the traditional indoor studio shoot.

This workflow allows me to produce high end studio conditions quite literally anywhere! The possibilities and the creative opportunities are very exciting indeed and with the ability to work in virtually any situation I can offer you professional and high quality imagery without the need to be tied down to a studio environment.

Work is undertaken using high end photographic equipment allowing both accurate and efficient use of the material in may forms to suit an every changing market.
My aim is to provide a service that fits your needs.

I always supply my clients with a full breakdown of rates and costs in quotations and will clearly explain all the available options that might best fit your requirements.

If you would like to arrange a commission please feel free to contact me, to discuss your needs.